Why Buy A Waterproof Car Cover

Waterproof Car CoverWhy do people buy waterproof car covers? The answer may be obvious. To keep the rain off the car when not in use. The number one question, asked by consumers when buying a car cover is…’Is it waterproof?’ In Arizona, which gets around 7 inches of rain per year, they will still ask this question. Even if they have bought a dustproof car cover, they’ll still ask it. So what have they bought? A dustproof or a waterproof car cover? Well both in fact. Of course you can buy dustproof covers that are not waterproof but you’ll find it hard to buy a waterproof car cover that isn’t dustproof too.

Most people buy car covers to suit there needs. The climate you live in or where you car is the overriding factor that determines what kind of car cover you need and should buy. Other factors include, how much you’re willing to spend and how many of the little niceties e.g. mirror pockets, double stitching etc…, that you want.

If you live in the Arctic, say parts of Canada or Alaska, it’s a sure bet that you are going to get very extreme weather conditions, blizzards, storms, driving rain, hail and snow. It is safe to say that you’ll need a heavy duty car cover. One that will be stormproof and waterproof.

If you live in a more temperate climate (meaning mostly rain, occasional storms, wind and snow) you’ll probably opt for a waterproof car cover.

If you live near the coast you should buy a waterproof car cover. Rain and sea salt on the wind are highly corrosive on metal in these areas. Waterproof car covers can offer some protection here.

If you live in or near a desert you’ll probably opt for a waterproof car cover. Ok! Dust covers should do, but rainstorms are not unknown in these areas. As well as keeping the UV sunrays at bay, waterproof car covers will keep the water off during the occasional rainstorm. It does everything a dust cover can and more.

Some people do like to keep their cars indoors and there are car covers for these as well…even indoor waterproof car covers.

As you can see, because most people in the world tend not to live in inhospitable environments (stunning as they are), waterpoof car covers are the most popular car covers sold today. They are the best allrounders when it comes to protection. A waterproof car cover not only stops the rain, hail and snow from damaging your paint work, it protects it from animals fouling, fading from uv sunrays, light knocks and scratches. It will also help to stop corrosion of engine parts in coastal areas ensuring your car starts first time, every time. It just makes sense to opt for a waterproof car cover if you need a car cover