Should I Start On A 250cc

250ccIf you are someone who is thinking about getting into the world of motorcycle riding then you have probably asked yourself this question. It is a very popular one and for good reasons. Most motorcycles (that aren’t scooters, mopeds, etc.) start out in the 250cc range and work their way up to 1200cc+ and everything in between.

For most beginners though, they want to start on the fastest, coolest looking bikes out there but this isn’t always the wisest decision. The difference between a 250cc sport bike and a 1100cc bike is pretty drastic and I wouldn’t recommend ANY new rider to start on anything more than a 600cc.

A 250cc offers decent power and control in a bike that is more manageable for new riders. Typically, this size bike is smaller and lighter so it is easier to pick up, push backwards, and control on the roads. Also, many 250cc bikes these days still look flashy and cool so that shouldn’t be an issue either. If a new rider is looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle but still wants something they can enjoy for awhile then a 250cc is likely the perfect size. However, the size of the bike always depends on what you want in a bike and the physical structure of the person. If you are a 6ft+ 200lb+ person then you might consider upgrading to a bigger bike. Yes the motorcycle will have more power but your height and weight should compensate for the control as long as you are smart. Another important thing to think about is longevity. For many, they want to keep their bike for awhile and 250cc motorcycles can get boring after the learning stages are over. For these people I would recommend upgrading to a larger size, perhaps a 400-600cc bike and just take extra care while learning. Heck there are probably those out there that start on 1000cc bikes but that doesn’t mean you have to.

While I still believe that the 250cc bike is the size to learn on I would be lying if I said I learned on one. My first sport bike was actually a 600cc and a little bit heavier than the average bike. I am of a medium build so this motorcycle could have actually been considered too big for me. However, I knew I was going to be riding my first motorcycle for awhile so I wanted something with future use. It was big and heavy at first, but by taking it for spins down back roads and in empty parking lots I quickly got the feel for it and I was able to safely ride it for years.

So if you are still asking yourself the question, “Should I start on a 250cc motorcycle?” just remember to think about how long you are going to keep your first bike, how big or small you are, and how much time you are willing to dedicate to learning how to ride. Whatever size you choose, just be sure to take caution while riding, and allow yourself time to learn your bike.