Run Your Car On Bio diesel 5 Reasons To Switch Today

Car On Bio dieselWith the cost of oil climbing ever higher and not likely to ever come down, you may be looking for a way to reduce your dependence on oil, and reduce our motoring costs. One of the options open to you is to run your car on bio-diesel, most modern vehicles require no modifications before you can start. In case you are debating whether this fuel is for you, read on for my top 5 reasons to switch today.

1. Lower emissions:

Compered to the regular fossil fuel produced version, bio-diesel produces 80% less carbon dioxide when burned. So it is a lot kinder to the environment, producing less greenhouse gasses.

2. Cheaper:

Because it is produced from plant oils and organic matter, it is cheaper to produce, and therefore cheaper to buy at the pump. Your car will get similar mileage, and performance, so overall it will give you cheaper motoring from the outset.

3. Non toxic:

Pure bio-diesel unlike the regular version of the fuel is completely non toxic. You could drink it and suffer no ill effects, although I wouldn’t recommend it. Plus if there is an accident and a spill occurs, as it is organic, it will create no environmental problems whatsoever.

4. Cleaner:

It is cleaner in every way. Have you ever got regular diesel on your hands when filling up? The smell can linger for hours, plus it can cause irritation and skin rashes. This is not a problem with its bio cousin, being basically vegetable oil it has a pleasant smell, and is unlikely to cause skin problems if you should spill some on yourself.

When burning in your engine as there is no sulfur in bio-diesel, not only will you not get clouds of black smoke associated with badly maintained engines, the exhaust has a pleasant smell not unlike french fries or donuts frying.

5. You can make your own:

The other great thing is that you can make your own bio fuel at home from used vegetable oil. There is no reason to be worried that you don’t possess the technical knowledge, or need to be an organic chemist. It is a very simple process, and you can get many good instruction manuals or even kits to help you.

Once you have your used vegetable oil you simply heat it to remove any water, filter it to remove impurities, and add two easily available chemicals, and you have bio-diesel. There is no need to produce all your fuel as it can be added to regular diesel, so you can build up to 100% home made over time.

You can save money, and run your car on bio-diesel. I hope the 5 reasons to switch today above have helped to make up your mind.