Chipped Windshield Repair

Chipped Windshield RepairA clean and clear windshield is very important to drive safely. Having a chipped windshield will not only look bad from the outside , but from the inside as well. It even worse if its in you line of site and the sun reflects off of the chipped windshield and creates and extreme blinding glare. With the integrity of the windshield already diminished by the chip, eventually if the chip is not repaired it will start to spread in the form of cracks. Once this happens the windshield will need to be replaced, for safety reasons especially.

Things you will need :

-Glass cleaner & towels

-Windshield repair kit

-Straight edge razor

First step:

Make sure the damaged area is thoroughly cleaned. I recommend washing the vehicle, drying the windshield and then cleaning it good with glass cleaner. Make sure the chip is completely dry and there is not lint particles from the towel stuck in the chip.

Step 2:

Make sure to read all the product manufacturers instructions. Next open the kit, it should contain an adhesive disc, syringe fille with repair compound and a pedestal to connect the syringe to. do not connect together at this point. Put the disc over the damaged area the tab should be pointing towards you. The syringe pedestal need to be placed on the tab.

Step 3: Next you need to attach the syringe to the pedestal, at this stage the plunger should be released. The gel compound is going to be forced into the damaged area by using the plunger. This process may need to be repeated 4 to 8 times depending on the brand and exact manufacturers instructions.

Step 4:

Drying times will vary but as a general rule of thumb allow a minimum of half an hour under optimal temperatures and conditions noted by the manufacturer. If you see any air bubble in the repair, more compound should be forced into the chip until you see nothing.

Final steps:

Remove the syringe. If needed use a razor blade to remove the pedestal and disc. If there is any repair compound in unwanted areas of the windshield, use the razor to remove it. Be careful not to scratch the windshield or yourwindshield repair.


-Always follow manufacturers instructions exactly for best results

-Repair is best done at 68 f ..approx.. or above

-It is best to repair a small chip as soon as possible before your windshield is completely ruined.

-Be sure to choose a good windshield repair kit , remeber cheaper is not always better

-Always take you time and follow these DIY windshield repair guidelines.