Auto Repair Aubrey Tx How To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

How To Get Your Car Ready For SummerIs your car ready for hot weather, or will you have to bring it in forauto repair Aubrey TXbefore you can hit the road this summer? Cars are like people they have to get into shape before they work out in the heat, or they break down. Here are some tips from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence for getting your car in good, working order before the mercury rises:

Auto RepairAubrey TX: Things You Can Do Yourself to Prep Your Car for Summer

Read your owners manual, which will not only give you important information you need tooperate your car properly, but it will also give you a recommended service schedule to follow.

Run your air conditioner even before you need to, in order to ensure that its cooling the way itssupposed to.

Check the coolant level in your cooling system and continue to check it periodically throughthe summer months.

Check all of your bulbs, including headlights, turn signals and brake lights to make sure theyre working. Replace bulbs that arent working.

Check your wiper blades and replace them if theyre worn out. Keep plenty of washer fluid onhand for all of the dust and insects youll get on your windshield during the summer.

Check your tire condition and tread wear using the penny test. Check the owners manual toensure that youre maintaining proper tire pressure.

If you arent handy with automotive repair, bring it in to us at JJ Rush Automotive to have one ofour experienced technicians go over all of the systems..

Auto MechanicAubrey TX: Things You Can Have Your Mechanic Do to Prep Your Car for Summer

Fix problems like hard starting, rough idling and frequent stalling.

Flush and refill your cooling system with new coolant.

Check the tightness and condition of all belts, clamps and hoses.

Service the air conditioner if it isnt cooling properly.

Change the oil and filter.

Check your tires to make sure there are no bulges or broken belts and that you dont haveexcessive wear.

Check and replace all the filters in your car, including air, fuel and PCV.